The Long Table

The invitation to a Homeward Bound series is made to anyone who feels the pull of its words. After seven weeks of gathering in the mosaic of a Zoom window, though, we are no longer strangers. There are faces and names that have started to become familiar, traces of conversations that happened during afterparties or emails forwarded through the Postal Service or questions asked that made a lasting impression.

So the invitation that comes next is more personal.

Since 2020, we have been hosting The Long Table as an ongoing fellowship, an online network and a monthly gathering for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture. Membership is open to those who have taken part in our Homeward Bound series and decided they want to stick around.

Gathering in this way, our hope is that we can deepen into community, becoming a place where it’s safe to show up honestly, and where we glimpse unexpected possibilities together.

Dougald & Anna

The details

We hold a live monthly gathering over Zoom on the First Monday of each month, with two sessions at 10.00-12.00 and 20.15-22.15 (Swedish time).

Members are welcome to join for whichever session works best for them, this can vary between months and some dedicated souls have been known to turn up for both. Recordings are available after the call, so it is possible to catch up later.

In between the monthly calls, the Long Table also exists as an online network where members can make posts, start conversations, chat with each other and find other groups and events happening within and around this community.

And since January 2022, we also hold a weekly open call for members on Tuesdays at 14.30 Swedish time.

How to join

Membership is open to those who have taken part in one of our Homeward Bound series. For news of future series, sign up for our school newsletter.

Those who have already taken part in a Homeward Bound series can write to us at for an invitation to join.

Want to know a bit more?

Like anything that has life in it, there’s a process of unfolding here, so we’ll learn more about how to hold this space as we go along. But based on the experience of our first year and a half, here’s how things seem to work.

On the monthly live sessions, we start by sharing news, including a round of ‘headlines’ in which everyone has a moment to offer something – large or small – that has been going on in their life since the last call.

Most months, we have a theme with one or two members of the group sharing stories, speaking about a project they are working on or a question they are sitting with. The emphasis is on sharing work-in-progress, talking about what we’ve learned along the way, and seeing where the discussion takes us.

In the second half of the session, we’ll generally break into smaller groups for half an hour or so, then gather again for some final conversation.

The parts of the call where we are all together will be available afterwards as a video or audio download, so on months when you’re unable to join us, you can still catch up on those conversations.

The morning sessions will generally be hosted by Dougald, while the evening sessions are hosted by Dougald and Anna together, supported by other members of the HOME team.

There’s lots more going on, beside the monthly First Monday calls – we’ve had groups starting up around climate fiction, ‘the meaning crisis’, and a Hospicing Modernity reading group – and increasingly, we hear from members who are visiting each other or meeting up face-to-face in their corner of the world.

No doubt all of this will continue to branch in directions we can’t yet see, as we pay attention to where the life in this fellowship is moving.