The Long Table

The Long Table is an ongoing fellowship for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture, open to anyone who has taken part in an online series with a school called HOME.

As we gather regularly on Zoom, we’ve found that time becomes the space in which we meet. Our hope is to deepen into community, becoming a place where it’s safe to show up honestly, and where we glimpse unexpected possibilities together.

We have monthly sessions on the first Monday of the month and a weekly one-hour call on a Tuesday, as well as the Long Table forum, our Mighty Networks site. These have led to further collaborations including an annual poetry-writing month and a monthly Hospicing Café inspired by Hospicing Modernity.

Some of us show up to more or less every call. Some of us drop in now and then, or follow along on the recordings. Some of us have ended up working together, travelling to meet up or staying in each other’s homes. All of these ways of taking part bring something to the table.

In earlier years, Dougald and Anna were responsible for hosting and organising all of our calls. But in 2023 we’re learning how to share these roles, as we welcome new members and stay open to surprise at where these practices of gathering lead us.

An invitation

If you have taken part in a series with a school called HOME and feel drawn to spend more time with the kind of folks you met along the way, then you are warmly invited to join us.

We’ve noticed over time that it’s rarely easy to describe what matters to us about the Long Table. It’s a space where we value the things that are hard to put into words. T

How to join

Membership is open to anyone who has taken part in one of our online series.

We don’t have a fixed membership fee. Instead, we ask you to set up a monthly donation at a level that works

First Monday

On the first Monday of every month, we host a pair of gatherings on Zoom, one from 10.00-12.00 and one from 20.15-22.15 (Swedish time). Members are welcome to join for part or all of the session – and a few of us have been known to show up twice in one day.

The sessions often have a theme. Sometimes one or two members step forward to share a question or a story, leading off a discussion. Sometimes everyone is invited to bring a poem or a short text to share with the group. If there are lots of us on the call, we spend part of the time in breakout groups.

First Monday sessions are recorded, so if you’re not able to join the call live in a particular month, you can watch or listen to the recording.

The Tuesday Heartbeat

In early 2022, we began a weekly call at 14.30 (Swedish time) on a Tuesday. There’s no theme and no recording, just a chance to spend an hour together with a few other Long Table members. In the course of the call, we take turns to share whatever is on our hearts this particular Tuesday.

In the coming months, members in different time zones are hoping to start one or more heartbeat calls at other times in the day and week.