a gathering place and a learning community for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture

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Together, we will redraw the maps, steering by the wild stars and the wisdom of many times and places, cultivating the courage which it takes to come alive in times like these.

In the small Swedish town of Östervåla, thirty miles north of Uppsala, we are creating a school called HOME.

It’s a school that grows out of the conversations we bring together around our kitchen table. A learning community and a gathering place for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture.

It’s the fruit of the projects we led, the books we read, the organisations we built, the people we learned with and the friendships that formed us over the past two decades.

And it’s a new beginning. Something we’re figuring out together as we go along, with the help of that web of friends and collaborators.

HOME is a school the shape of a pocket. An air-pocket. A breathing space. A pocket of resistance and hope.

— Anna Björkman & Dougald Hine

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Join us for one of our Front Porch Sessions, a monthly free Zoom event for anyone who wants to learn more about the work of the school.


In the first half of 2022, our focus is on working with the members of the Long Table, a hundred-strong online community that has grown out of the first five series of Homeward Bound Live.

We’re taking a break from offering any new online series, but we are hosting a monthly free Zoom session that’s open to anyone who would like to learn a little more about our school.

Meanwhile, we’re making progress with the school buildings. Work is underway in the Old Shoe Shop and by Easter we hope to have this open as our first venue for courses and events.

Meanwhile, our second season of work on the Red House begins in April under the leadership of Jack Richardson.

Work on the Red House in the summer of 2020

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Homeward Bound

The commonplace book of a school called HOME

In the autumn of 2021, we are starting out on a new project: an online space to share the lines of thought we are following, the voices we are learning from, and the places this is leading us.

Homeward Bound will be where we publish new writing from friends and collaborators. It’s also a home for The Great Humbling podcast and other conversations about the themes with which we work.