Together, we will redraw the maps, steering by the wild stars and the wisdom of many times and places, cultivating the courage which it takes to come alive in times like these.

HOME is a school that grows out of the conversations we bring together around our kitchen table. It’s a learning community and a gathering place for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture.

It’s the fruit of the projects we led, the books we read, the organisations we built, the people we learned with and the friendships that formed us over the past two decades.

And it’s a new beginning. Something we’re figuring out together as we go along, with the help of that web of friends and collaborators.

HOME is a school the shape of a pocket. An air-pocket. A breathing space. A pocket of resistance and hope.

— Anna Björkman & Dougald Hine

Who we are

Anna leads projects, a skill that has taken her from connecting cultural foundations around Europe, to setting up children’s libraries across the Middle East and supporting grassroots women’s organisations in Israel and Palestine. You’ll find her running workshops on security and self-care for activists, or teaching methods for building meaningful projects. She’s the quiet radical laying the foundations of this school and keeping us grounded.

Dougald has been a founder of organisations including the Dark Mountain Project, Spacemakers and the School of Everything. He has written things that seem to help people find their bearings in disorienting times. And he has been a visiting teacher at universities, art schools and architecture schools across Europe, as well as giving talks in church halls, community art spaces and the upstairs rooms of pubs.

The two of us met in 2011 in the middle of a Swedish forest, where Anna was helping organise Futureperfect festival and Dougald was one of the speakers. Over the years since, we’ve made a home together that has become a place of friendship, hospitality and intercultural encounter. We knew from the start that we wanted to make a wider invitation and create a shared platform for our work. With HOME, we are taking the first steps to making that a reality.

The story so far

In June 2018, we held a five-day course in the village of Ängelsberg, Sweden. Twenty-two scholars travelled from near and far to be part of Finding Our Way Home.

We took six months to step back and reflect, then in January 2019 we published The View From The Kitchen Table, a vision for the next phase of our work.

As part of that, we spent three months on the road in the summer of 2019. It took us from village halls and local cafés to the European Commission and the banks of the River Thames. You can read more about what happened along the way in What We Did This Summer.

Back in Sweden, we are in the slow process of finding a long-term place to call HOME. Meanwhile, we bring together occasional gatherings and workshops here in Västerås – and in May 2020, we are launching our first online course, HOMEWARD BOUND

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