An introduction to a school called HOME

with Anna Björkman & Dougald Hine

8.15PM CET | 7.15PM GMT | 2.15PM EST | 11.15AM PST

This session has now taken place. An audio recording is available below.

This was a one-hour Zoom session in which we told the story of the school so far, sharing our latest news about the shape it will take in the years to come and answering questions from participants.

Anna Björkman and Dougald Hine are the creators of a school called HOME.

Anna is a project leader whose work has included setting up children’s libraries across the Middle East, supporting grassroots networks of women activists in Israel and Palestine, and working with democracy and inequality in local government here in Sweden.

Dougald is a social thinker and writer who has been responsible for founding a series of organisations including the Dark Mountain Project, Spacemakers and School of Everything.