Jack Richardson keeping the fire at the Dark Mountain 10th anniversary celebration, Oxford, July 2019. (Image: Andy Broomfield)


with Jack Richardson, Anna Björkman & Dougald Hine

3 & 10 July 2021 – Åbyvägen 12, Östervåla

Earlier this year, we moved into a pair of old buildings and a patch of land that will be a long-term home for our family and for this school called HOME. There’s already a community of people to whom our work matters, and we’re slowly finding our way into the local community of this small town where we have landed.

In the summer of 2021, we’ve invited Jack Richardson to spend four weeks helping us deepen our understanding of these old buildings, the work that will be involved in reimagining them and bringing them fully into use, and how we involve the community in this process.

In these two public events, we’ll share our work-in-progress and what we’ve learned so far about the shape the school is taking. Jack will guide us in learning to look more closely at the buildings and demonstrate some of the techniques we’ll be using as we start to renovate them.

Jack Richardson is a Community Builder in all senses of the word: a highly-skilled craftsman, experienced in working with old buildings, he specialises in creating projects where people come together around the tasks of repairing and restoring, building community through working alongside each other.

He’s also a longstanding collaborator of ours, not least through his work with the Kairos Collective, a physical theatre troupe that grew out of the Dark Mountain festivals.

Both events will run from 13.00 to 16.00 and take place outdoors, weather allowing. Fika will be provided. Places are limited and priced at 100kr, so please book in advance.