A monthly gathering and an ongoing fellowship for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture

8.15PM CEST | 7.15PM BST | 2.15PM EDT | 11.15AM PDT

An Invitation

If your experience with a school called HOME has sparked a desire to go on being in connection with us and the people you have met through our work, then we invite you to join our ASSEMBLY.

We chose the name because this is a way of meeting as a school, but it isn’t a teaching session.

It’s a time for sharing stories, sparks of possibility and glimpses of each other’s work. For staying connected, hanging out and getting to know each other better.

Our first gathering will take place over Zoom on Thursday, 6 August.

How It Works

Like anything that has life in it, there’s a process of unfolding here, so we’ll learn more about how to hold this ASSEMBLY as we go along. But here’s how it looks to us just now.

On the first Thursday of each month, at 20.15 Swedish time, we’ll meet on Zoom.

The first half of the evening, we’ll be together as a group. Each month there will be a theme and contributions from two or three members of the group who have a question, a reflection or a piece of work-in-progress that they want to share, followed by time for discussion.

The second half of the evening, we’ll shift into afterparty mode, with breakout rooms that you can move between.

The earlier part of the call will be available afterwards as a video or audio download, so on months when you’re unable to join us, you can still catch up on those conversations.

We’ll also host an online space for ASSEMBLY members. To begin with, this will be a closed Facebook group, but we will explore the possibility of moving to a more structured community space, allowing for groups to gather around particular themes or projects.

ASSEMBLY will be hosted by Anna and Dougald, with the support of other members of the HOME team. No doubt it will branch in directions we can’t yet see, as we pay attention to where the life in this fellowship is moving.

Become a Member

There is no fixed membership fee. Rather, we invite you to set up a monthly donation.

Choose an amount that feels significant, but not uncomfortable: enough that you won’t just let the payments keep running if you find yourself no longer taking an active part, but not so much that it might become a source of stress.

Please note – you can change the pre-filled amount on the payment form!

If it helps, then think of an amount that would feel natural to spend on an evening once a month with a group of friends, a night at a local pub or a place you go to eat.

There’s no right amount and no minimum. (The Stripe subscriptions system can only handle payments over 50kr/month, but if you want to set up a smaller amount, just tell us and we will find another solution.)

This invitation is open to you, whatever your situation, if your experience with our school has sparked a desire to go on being in connection with us and with others you have met through our work.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about membership. You can use the contact form on this site, or write to